Young Entrepreneur Kunal Mhaske Participated in IRONMAN70.3 Estonia 2022

The IRONMAN70.3 Estonia 2022 recently concluded its Triathlon where athletes from all across the World were seen taking part in this gigantic event which is a real test of human abilities, physically and mentally.


Kunal Mhaske completing the IRONMAN70.3 Estonia 2022 Challenge


An Ironman Triathlon is one of a series of long-distance triathlon races consisting of a Swim, Bicycle ride and a Run. It is widely considered one of the most difficult one-day sporting events in the world. The IRONMAN70.3 has a time limit of 8 hours 30 minutes to complete the race, course dependent. This one which Kunal participated in was a 1.9 kms Swim, 90 kms cycling and 21.1 km run.


Kunal Mhaske a name to recon within the Hospitality, Real Estate, F&B and Retreats space from Pune, participated and completed his first ever IRONMAN70.3 Estonia 2022. The 36-year-old entrepreneur always felt that to prove anything is possible and if you comfortably decide and make your mind its achievable.


A total of 1500 participants from across the World participated in this event at Estonia and approx. 70 Indians were present and 27 participants from Pune. Kunal exhibited great spirit whilst participating in this event and finished the Triathlon. The team along with their coach were invited by the Hon. Ambassador to Estonia, Shri Ajaneesh Kumar to India House where the Hon. Ambassador had an interaction with the entire team over dinner about their training, their professional lives and how they got hooked on to the IronMan Challenge.


Speaking at the occasion Kunal Mhaske said, “The Iron Man Challenge is extremely difficult and it took around six months of hard training which involved waking up at 4 AM and training till 9 AM daily. The Iron Man Challenge is a thought process and a lifestyle and life changing event which disciplines you mentally and makes you strong physically and achieves the unthinkable. I wanted to prove that everything is possible and if done comfortably, then it can be achieved.”


“I have such a busy lifestyle and schedule and I don multiple hats. When you tell someone, you are a successful restaurateur, apart from handling other businesses, people think of you enjoying late night parties every night. That is not the case, as there was tremendous hard work, focused training, and meditation to control the mind when the body gives up and goes ahead.” he further added.


This was achieved with the help of his Coach Dr. Kaustubh Radkar who put in a lot of effort and training over 6 months and made him what he is today. As he says, “Iron Men are not born, they are made.”


This is the beginning of Kunal’s journey and he has a long way to go. His goal is to motivate the youth and be an inspiration to people who have hectic work routines and entrepreneurs who hustle round the clock to focus on fitness as much as on work.


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