What makes for an optimal gym rig?

If you’re lucky to have a dedicated space for your workouts, you’ll want to ensure that the equipment is up to snuff. Here’re some recommendations for gym rigs for you.

A multi-directional kettlebell

These are the necessities for any home gym, but there are many other items you may want to consider adding to your collection:

  • A multi-directional kettlebell
  • A good pair of dumbbells
  • A yoga mat and block (or two)

A weight set complete with a bench

An adjustable weight set and a sturdy bench will make your gym much more enjoyable and can be purchased for less than $200. If you’re just starting, I recommend picking up a fixed-weight set, but there are plenty of options if you have the cash to spend. If you don’t have any weights, consider getting some kettlebells; they’re portable and versatile enough to use at home or in the office.

While adjustable benches are pricier than fixed ones, they tend to last longer because they don’t sag over time as cheaper models do. They also have more features; if you have back problems or just want something that gives better support while lifting heavy weights on chest presses or squats, this is probably worth investing in.

A purpose-built power rack

Power racks offer you the ability to perform a variety of exercises, including:

  • Squats
  • Deadlifts
  • Overhead presses

When selecting a power rack, it’s essential to consider the following factors:

  • Number and types of exercises you want to be able to do. Some racks are designed for one or two specific movements, while others can accommodate nearly any lift. If you’re looking for versatile gym rigs, consider getting something that allows you to perform all significant charges efficiently.
  • If your goal is strength training rather than bodybuilding, go with something that holds at least 500 pounds (227 kg). You’ll also want yours to be sturdy enough not to crack under pressure—and possibly even withstand being dropped onto concrete from time to time.

Heavy duty dumbbells

You’ll want a set of custom-made hexagonal dumbbells if you’re a serious bodybuilder. Hexagonal dumbbells are the best for home use because they allow more weight to be added (making it easier for beginners to progress) than round or flat-sided dumbbells. They also tend to be more durable since many people will drop them and break their edges when using them at home (if they aren’t careful).

Smart dumbbells

These are a relatively new type of weightlifting equipment that has the potential to make your workout more efficient and effective while also saving you time. They’re not quite as ubiquitous in gyms as they should be yet, but they seem to be gaining popularity among fitness buffs.

These digital weights include a built-in computer that tracks how much weight you’re lifting, how fast you lift it, and how long your set lasts—and then feeds this data to an app on your smartphone or tablet. The app will help you ensure you don’t overdo it with too heavy of a load or short rest periods between sets.

A jump rope

The jump rope is a great cardio workout that can help you burn calories, keep the body moving and warm up the muscles before a workout. Jumping rope also works your legs, shoulders and core. It’s an excellent way to warm up before or after a workout.

A foam roller

The idea behind using them is that they will help you loosen up tight areas in your body, encourage blood flow to those areas, and generally make you feel better. They’re also good for releasing muscle tension after workouts so that afterwards they get sore or stiff afterwards.

You roll over the roller slowly and deliberately, paying attention to any tight spots or soreness in the area being rolled out.






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