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Largest Dog Breeds in The World: Since ancient times, the dog has been a faithful companion of man. The dog is able to adapt to the character of the owner, understand his mood, and even become like him. This is the closest to people and smart animals. Defender, helper, toy, hunter – what kind of functions were not endowed with dogs? Some breeds were specially bred for participation in dog fights. And others were designed to reflect the highest position of their masters.

Top 10 Largest Dog Breeds in The World

In many cases, the strength, weight, and height of the animal made a huge difference. Today, the largest dog breeds in the world are not necessarily exponents of the social or professional status of the owner, and sometimes even go against them. Real giants, the size of a small horse, can quite peacefully play on the lawn with the master’s children and be family favorites and reliable friends.

10. Hungarian Kuvasz

  • Height: 71-76 cm
  • Weight: 48-62 kg

One of the largest breeds of dogs in the world was bred in Hungary exclusively for the protection of livestock. The dog feels great among thorny bushes due to the presence of thick and hard hair. The bright white color distinguishes Kuvasz from any animals, including wolves, and this is the best way to characterize him as a good hunter.

Has a very devoted personality. Although under certain conditions, Hungarian Kuvasz becomes extremely cruel. Based on these character traits, it is necessary to train them especially carefully and painstakingly.

9. Scottish Deerhound

  • Height: 72-80 cm
  • Weight: 45 kg

The ninth largest dog breed in the world is the Scottish Deerhound. Homeland is Great Britain. This breed belongs to a variety of greyhounds, bred specifically for deer hunting.

In addition to being the tallest Deerhound dogs, they are also one of the oldest on earth. Not without reason, in films about the Middle Ages, you can often see the main characters accompanied by Deerhounds. The dog is described as a hunting dog, and its possession is the prerogative of exclusively high-ranking persons.

By nature, Scottish Deerhounds are very active. They bark extremely reluctantly, and the manifestation of anger in their performance is a thing almost impossible. Deerhounds are very attached to children and amazingly sensitive to the mood of the owner. But as guards, they are useless since the level of gullibility for strangers literally rolls over.

8. Pyrenean Mountain Dog

  • Height: 72-80 cm
  • Weight: 50-55 kg

The Pyrenean Highlander, one of the largest dog breeds in the world, has been known since ancient times. It is believed that it was bred in the territory of modern France. Distinctive features: in most cases, white color and long thick hair.

In the possessions of the nobility, they served as reliable guards. And from the most ancient times, the Pyrenean mountain dogs were used in pastures, where they guarded livestock. Dogs of this breed are good-natured and sympathetic, it is not difficult to educate them.

7. Anatolian Shepherd Dog (Kangal)

  • Height: 74-81 cm
  • Weight: 50-65 kg

Turkey is not only the birthplace of the Anatolian Shepherd Dog but gave the name to the entire breed – Kangal. In the old days, the Anatolian Shepherd Dogs Kangals selflessly served their owners, the shepherds, protecting numerous herds from all kinds of predators. Kangals love children, they are smart, calm, and devoted, with enviable perseverance and reliability, they are ready to protect the acquired wealth and peace of the owners.

6. Newfoundland

  • Height: 71 cm
  • Weight: 68 kg

Newfoundland ranks 6th on our list of the largest dog breeds in the world. He has exceptional kindness and responsiveness. Because of these qualities, they very often become the favorites of the whole family and live next to their owners.

The breed is ancient, but not fully understood. It is known that the homeland is the island of Newfoundland. Dogs of this breed are often called “divers” due to a unique physiological feature – small webs between the fingers.

5. Leonberger

  • Height: 72-80 cm
  • Weight: 50-76 kg

One of the largest dog breeds on the planet, the Leonberger is artificially created. The process took place in the German city of Leonberg (by the way about the name). For this, three breeds of dogs were attracted: Pyrenean mountain, Newfoundland, and St. Bernard. Thus, a breed completely unusual in appearance appeared with a recognizable black spot on the muzzle and an amazing resemblance to a lion.

Leonbergers are very strong physically, and at one time they were even used as draft dogs, but more often as guard dogs. The nature of these dogs is sympathetic and good-natured, they are obedient and easy to train.

4. St. Bernard

  • Height: about 70-90cm
  • Weight: about 50-90kg

Fourth place in the list of the largest dog breeds in St. Bernard. Many people have known about the origin of this breed since childhood. The name was given by the monastery of St. Bernard (Saint Bernard) in the Swiss Alps, where it was bred.

Both in the Middle Ages and today, Saint Bernards are called upon to look for travelers lost in the mountains. The nature of the dogs is friendly, they are loyal and reliable helpers. Rescuers of St. Bernard can deliver food to hard-to-reach places, and find and rescue tourists who are in trouble from snowdrifts.

3. English Mastiff

  • Height: about 68-75cm
  • Weight: about 54-100kg

The most famous and oldest dog breed, one of the largest on earth. Julius Caesar is credited with admiring the endurance, strength, beauty, and power of the Mastiff.

The birthplace of these powerful dogs in England, and the closest relative is the Great Dane. Most often, English Mastiffs performed the functions of hunting or guard dogs. In addition, they took part in battles and helped people by catching fish.

2. Irish Wolfhound

  • Height: 75-87 cm
  • Weight: 47-56 kg

The second place in the ranking of the largest dog breeds in the world goes to the Irish wolfhound. If today the Irish Wolfhound is the owner of a calm and complaisant disposition, then in the days of Ancient Rome, representatives of this breed could intimidate the fearless Roman legionnaires with their enormous growth.

The Irish Wolfhound is considered one of the tallest breeds in the world, but at the same time, its weight is relatively low. In ancient times, an Irish wolfhound puppy was considered a rather expensive gift and only very noble people could possess them.

1. Great Dane

  • Height: 70-85 cm
  • Weight: 45-90 kg

It is no coincidence that Great Danes are the largest dog breed in the world. The breed was bred in Germany in the 19th century for this very purpose. Dogi very quickly became popular all over the world. The color scheme of dogs is quite diverse: fawn, brindle, marble, black, gray, etc. The character of the huge Great Danes is good-natured and playful, they are loyal and generous. Unfortunately, their life expectancy is short 8-10 years.

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