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Best Video Games For Girls: Today’s children absolutely cannot imagine life without gadgets. Many parents do not understand such a pastime, they constantly spent their free time on the street at a young age. They came up with different games, ran, and frolicked with the neighbor’s children. Of course, in those days, such gadgets were considered a rare and expensive pleasure, not many families could afford a phone or a computer.

In today’s world, many children come home from school and immediately run to the computer. They do not know such street games as hide-and-seek, Cossack robbers, or daughter-mothers. Many parents scold their children for this, not understanding such free time.

Top 10 Best Video Games For Girls

In the modern world, children find many interesting activities on the computer and phones. For example, on the Internet, you can find not only the necessary information but also games of interest. A few years ago there were no such interesting and high-quality games. More advanced computer games appear on the Internet.

You can find games for girls or boys. Developers understand what girls are interested in, so a certain script is written for games. Girls are interested in the topics of cooking, cosmetics, caring for someone or something, and buildings. Of course, developers don’t always try to make certain games for girls. Basically, they adapt to different genders and ages. Below is the top of the best computer games for girls.

10. Alice: Madness Returns

Released in 2011 and created by Electronic Arts. Unlike fairy tales, where “Wonderland” is presented as kind and fantastic, the game takes place in a dark and cruel story. The tale tells of a girl, Alice Liddell, whose parents and sister were killed in a fire.

Alice survived but received a huge psychological trauma. She considered herself guilty of the death of her parents. Alice was sent to a mental hospital for ten years. The girl wants to know the cause of the fire, therefore, she finds herself in the Looking Glass.

9. Theme Hospital

An old but interesting strategy. The game appeared in 1997 and is famous for its black humor. This is a hospital simulator and according to the plot you need to build offices and treat patients.

At the initial stage, a large room is given, where you need to place offices and start planning the hospital. You can choose doctors, secretaries, and cleaners who will work in the hospital.

8. Botanicula

The eighth place in the list of the best games for girls is the quest Botanicula. This is an adventure game about five friends who are tree creatures who need to save the last tree seed. Quest refers to logic games. The higher the level, the more difficult the task. The player will enjoy many locations, bonuses, and characters. There is more than one way to end the game.

7. Spore

This is a simulator released in 2008. It unites many directions. At the beginning, the action takes place from a third person and you need to choose a planet. A meteorite hits the selected planet. The task is to give a certain appearance to the cellular organism, from which the path will begin. In the process, the character is upgraded.

In the first stages, one has to survive in competition with stronger single-celled organisms. Before upgrading the character, you need to study the environment. According to the plot, you have to perform minimum tasks for self-improvement. For completed tasks, you get experience points, they need to be spent on improving your character.

By the middle of the game turns into a large-scale strategy. You can control a whole group of characters and move according to the theory of evolution. It is possible to capture neighboring settlements or, on the contrary, make friends with them. You yourself choose the goal of the game: domination over all living beings or joint development. You will have to go from a cell to a developed character.

6. Farm Frenzy

2007 game. Several online time management games have been released. You are a farmer who has to develop the economy. There are many types of pets in the game that you can acquire and take care of. You are required to feed the pets, they provide certain resources that can be sold on the market.

A bear can also eat a pet, it needs to be driven away in time. For example, you can buy geese, which should be looked after. The geese give eggs to be taken to the city and sold. With each completed task, the level will increase and give new privileges in the game. It does not shine with graphics, but any player will be delayed by the game process.

5. Fishdom

Have you ever wanted to start an aquarium, but there was no way? The dream can come true in the presented game. It was released in 2008 and received huge popularity. You are given several aquariums to look after. Fish need to be fed and cleaned up after them. In this game, it is possible to buy different fish and decorations for the aquarium. Since 2010, the game can be found on social networks.

4. City of dreams

A strategy in which it is possible to build your own city. Here you need to clearly control finances, as they are limited. In this game, according to your desire, you can plan buildings, and monitor finances, and social life.

The player decides where and how to place the buildings in the town. The game will be interesting not only to the younger generation but also to the older one.

3. Party Queen

In the game, you need to take people to a party in your house. Guests should be fed, watered, and put to bed. Party Queen is a popular game that will be of interest mainly to girls.

2. Fashion Mania

Fashion mania ranks second in the ranking of the best computer games for girls. Appeared in 2008 and soon became popular. Jane has her own clothing store and wants to achieve her goal. You will need to help the girl in choosing staff, managing the store, and controlling finances.

The customer order lead time is limited. Complete tasks on time, then you can transform an ordinary store into a fashion boutique. It is possible to choose the style of the store – men’s or women’s clothing.

1. Sims

Definitely, the best computer game for girls is Sims. This is a popular life simulator published by Electronic Arts. The first part was released in 2000 and became a popular game. In the beginning, you need to create a character or a whole family of up to eight people. When creating a ward, there is an opportunity to choose from a huge number of clothes, and choose the figure and appearance of a person.

After creating a character, you move to the town and can buy a finished house. You can acquire a plot and build a house on it that you would like. In build mode, you can choose the color of the wallpaper, the flooring, and even the color of the roof. In the shopping mode, there is a wide variety of furniture, appliances, and interior parts.

Once you have purchased the right attributes for a character, you can start managing his life. The character needs to be fed, entertained, and put to bed on time. Neighbors will come to visit, with whom you can communicate, be friends, meet, and marry. In order for the character to have enough money to live, he needs to get a job. The life and interests of the ward are in your hands. The character will grow old, and his children will grow up. Children need to be sent to school, do their homework, and improve their academic performance.

Many add-ons and new versions have now been released, such as Sims 2, Sims 3, and Sims 4. With each add-on, the game becomes more interesting, and new control and character creation options appear. Expansions such as Pets, Vampires, Seasons and the like have been released. Games go to a new level in terms of graphics, and plot. Sims developers keep up with the times and constantly do something new and interesting for the players. Interest is growing every year. Players enthusiastically accept new updates.

The article describes the top ten best games for girls. After reading the description of each game, it becomes clear that the variety of the gaming industry is limitless and diverse.

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