Top 10 Best Parks In The World 2022 |

Best Parks in The World: Each city has territory for solitude and leisurely walks – referred to as a park. The park can occupy any area, be beautifully decorated or modest, but it has one goal – to allow city residents to take a break from the bustle of the city.

Best Parks in The World 2022

In the park, you relax with your soul, of course, if it is successfully built. And, a visiting a particular country, you can find out a natural attraction. The best parks in the world surprise not only with their beauty but are designed to help visitors relax their souls. These parks are real works of art, let’s admire them.

10. Beihai: China, Beijing

Beihai is a large scenic park in the center of Beijing. Once it belonged to the emperor, and the road to it was closed to mere mortals. It was opened for visiting by everyone in the 20th century, or more precisely, in 1925.

The name literally translates as “northern sea”, and it fully justifies itself, because the center of Beihai is a large lake, in the middle of which is Jade Island. There is something in the park that will attract your attention.

There are such architectural structures as pavilions, temples, gazebos, and others. Vacationers are especially attracted by the Wall of Nine Dragons, near which they love to take pictures! Lotuses bloom on the lake and, by the way, everyone can ride a boat or a catamaran.

9. Garden of Miracles: UAE, Dubai

It is better to contemplate the beauty not through the monitor, but with your own eyes. If it so happens that you go to Dubai, you should visit the Garden of Miracles park: here you will admire the abundance of various flowers, and beauty at every turn!

The price tag for the entrance to look at such beauty does not bite very much (about 1000 rubles). Every year the exposition of the park changes, but what remains is an exciting beauty. In the Garden of Miracles, the smell of flowers is everywhere, it makes you dizzy!

In the evening, the park lights up and there are much fewer people than during the day. It is interesting for people of all ages, and if you want to have a bite, there are cafes on the territory, as well as souvenir shops.

8. Keukenhof: Netherlands, Lisse

Staying in Keukenhof park, delight is inevitable! It will overwhelm you because there is not only an abundance of flowers but also a well-thought-out place for families with children. Nobody will be bored. The park is located in Liss, and this city is considered the birthplace of tulips.

Keukenhof is a park with a wide variety of flowers, spread over an area of ​​more than 30 hectares, located near Amsterdam. As soon as you get into the park, you are overwhelmed by flower madness! I want to walk around with a camera and shoot everything in a row – take care of charging your equipment.

There are no flowers here! And when you calm down a little, you start walking along the paths of the park, enjoying the beauty of flowers and flowering trees. There is also a small zoo on the territory – if you wish, you can go inside and chat with the animals.

7. Ashikaga: Japan, Ashikaga

There are never too many flowers! Visit the Japanese Ashikaga Park to enter the fairy tale world. The park is located near Tokyo, tickets can be bought on the spot (the price depends on the time of year and the number of flowers in the park).

In front of the entrance, there is a souvenir market where you can buy gifts for loved ones. And ice cream is also sold at the entrance – eating it and walking among the flowers is a great pleasure! There are also cafes in Ashikaga that sell flowers, and sweets – you can have a bite to eat there.

Ashikaga Park itself is small, and occupies about 8 hectares. At the same time, people do not crowd. There are a lot of wisteria in the park – white, pink, and blue. This park will appeal to people who love flowers – here you will find yourself surrounded by amazing smells and comfort.

6. Ibirapuera: Brazil, Sao Paulo

Ibirapuera Park is ideal for a family holiday where you can organize a picnic. Here you can relax, work out or just admire the work of art.

The park is very popular with the locals of Sao Paulo and is quite crowded on weekends. On the territory of the park there are 2 museums, lakes, cultural attractions. Ibirapuera Park is located almost in the center of Sao Paulo, it was opened to visitors in 1964.

There are fountains with drinking water on the territory (they are common in Brazil), so you can quench your thirst for free. Once in the park, the feeling that you find yourself in a tropical forest – there is vegetation everywhere and, of course, a whole field of flowers!

5. Cranbourne Botanical Pardens: Australia, Melbourne

The territory of the Cranborne Botanical Garden cannot be called large, but the expositions are presented in an interesting light and have excellent information support. The garden has themed areas.

In addition to admiring the Australian flora, you can relax in the garden. Children’s playgrounds are provided for younger guests, and adults can get carried away preparing a delicious lunch at barbecues.

Cycling paths are provided for athletes – what a joy it is to ride through the garden with a breeze, breathing in the fresh air and fragrant Australian greenery! The Cranborny Garden was built on the site of an abandoned quarry and was named the best landscaping project of 2013.

4 Guell: Spain, Barcelona

Park Güell is a territory where it is pleasant to walk around and look at unusual objects. However, the walk can be spoiled by sellers who sit everywhere in the park and importunately offer to buy something.

This park blooms, immersed in greenery – there are bizarre park alleys everywhere. When you walk through the “caves” and look at the vaults, you get the feeling that you are in a mysterious documentary…

In Park Güell, nature coexists with bizarre buildings – the eyes rejoice, and there is a feeling of relaxation. Gaudí (1852–1926) wanted to make a park reminiscent of English gardens, which is surrounded by greenery and would be harmonious – according to visitors, he succeeded!

3. Hyde Park: UK, London

Hyde Park is the most visited and famous place in London, because here everyone finds entertainment for themselves: children can ride the rides, adults can look at the monuments. The area of ​​the park is 140 hectares, it looks endless!

Londoners love to lie down on the lawn in Hyde Park in good weather, listening to music on headphones or just to be in their thoughts. If you do not want to lie on the grass, you can rent a sun lounger (for money, of course).

The famous Speaker’s Corner is also located here, where everyone can make a speech. At sunset, it is especially pleasant to watch the swans swimming in the Serpentine Lake – by the way, they all belong to Her Majesty. You can enjoy a boat trip by renting a catamaran.

2. Iguazu: Brazil, Parana

This is a sight for those who love nature! By the way, the famous Iguazu Falls claim to be the eighth wonder of the world, and for good reason. To fully enjoy it, experienced tourists are advised to base themselves in the town of Fozh de Iguazu – from it to the park with waterfalls about 15 km.

Since the falls are located on the border of Argentina and Brazil , they can be viewed from two sides. Most of the waterfalls are located on the Argentine side, but the view is better from the Brazilian side. The noise of falling water is breathtaking – you feel the power of nature!

If you wish, you can see the waterfalls from a helicopter (for daredevils), but such a pleasure costs $100 (that’s a little more than 6,000 rubles). Visiting this park is a great joy, you will not see such a spectacle anywhere else.

1. New York Central Park: USA, New York

Central Park in New York is the most famous in the world. It is depicted on many calendars, paintings by artists and often appears in films. This park (English name Central Park) is located in the heart of Manhattan.

This oasis of nature among skyscrapers amazes to the core, you are fascinated by its good location and beauty. The park was created in 1857. Today, New Yorkers use it for sports: there is always someone running, cycling, etc.

Residents also enjoy the Central Park of New York with gardens, ponds, a zoo and skating rinks located on the territory. During a walk here you can meet funny animals, for example, squirrels, and chat with them.

Interesting fact: Central Park is a visiting card of New York . This place surprises with its scale (the park covers 341 hectares). Walking along it sets you in a positive mood and allows you to relax from the stone jungle.

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