Robbie Amell Reveals Favorite Part About Returning In The Flash Season 8

When asked about about returning for The Flash season 8, Robbie Amell says that it is “really cool to come back and see how the show had evolved.”

Robbie Amell has spoken about his return in season 8 of the CW’s The Flash, revealing what his favorite thing about his new role as the villainous Deathstorm is. First joining the cast in 2014’s season 1, Amell originally played Ronnie Raymond, the late husband of Danielle Panabaker’s Caitlin Snow. Initially thought to have been killed in the explosion of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, he returned partway through the season to form one half of the original Firestorm along with Victor Garber’s Martin Stein.

However, in the first episode of season 2, it is revealed that Ronnie sacrificed himself in order to close the Singularity that threatened Central City. While Amell would later guest star in season 2 as an Earth-2 version of Deathstorm, and again reappear as a manifestation of the Speed Force in season 3, it has since been several years since his time as a regular on the show. However, in November of last year, it was revealed that Amell would be returning for season 8.


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While details about Amell’s return have been scant until the show’s most recent episode, it turns out that Amell will not be reprising the role of Ronnie and will instead be playing a new version of Deathstorm, an evil entity created by the enormous power generated by his original sacrifice. Amell recently spoke with EW about his return to the show after so many years and was asked about his favorite of coming back. Suggesting that it “was really cool to come back and see how the show had evolved,” he teased an outcome “that nobody expected to happen.” Check out his comments below:

Definitely the outcome, that’s going to be something that nobody expected to happen. The big thing for me was getting to come back and step back into a world that I had so much fun in at the beginning of the show. It’s cool that you get to see Danielle and I from season 1, even though… I’ll speak for myself, Danielle looks amazing, but I definitely look older than I did when we were shooting season 1. It was really cool to come back and see how the show had evolved and the new characters that were in it.

With The Flash currently in its season 8, and recently renewed for a 9th, Amell is certainly right in suggesting that the show has evolved a lot since its first episodes. Soon set to overtake Arrow as the longest-running series in the CW Arrowverse, the show has seen a number of beloved characters come and go over the years. Recent news also indicates that long-running favorite Jesse L. Martin, who has played Joe West since the show’s beginning, is also set to depart the series in season 9.

As for Amell’s return as Deathstorm, it comes at a time when the actor is finding himself in increasing demand. Not only is Amell headlining his own sci-fi comedy series Upload, but he was also recently announced as one of the new cast additions to The Witcher season 3. He also helped to headline the recent Resident Evil film reboot, Welcome to Raccoon City. Fans can look forward to more of his return on The Flash as season 8 continues to air on The CW.

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Source: EW

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