Ramon Magsaysay Award 2022: 3 Doctors, 1 Environmentalist wins Asian Nobel Prize, Check List of Winners Here

Ramon Magsaysay Award 2022: The Ramon Magsaysay Foundation announced the 64th Edition of Ramon Magsaysay Award on 2nd Sept 2022. The foundation named four people of which three are doctors and 1 an environmentalist and a documentary filmmaker, winners of the 2022 Ramon Magsaysay Award, which is commonly dubbed as the “Nobel Peace Prize of Asia”. The awards went to Sotheara Chhim (Cambodia), Bernadette Madrid (Philippines), Tadashi Hattori (Japan) and Gary Bencheghib (Indonesia).

According to the chairperson of the award Ramon Magsaysay Awards Foundation (RMAF)Aurelio Montinola III, the award winners this year “have all challenged the invisible societal lines that cause separation and have drawn innovative and inspiring ones that build connections.”

Ramon Magsaysay Award 2022: List of Winners

As reported earlier, a total of 4 people have been chosen for the honour and will be conferred the awards at a ceremony which will be held in Manila on 30th November 2022. The award winners include three doctors and an environmentalist; who have put their best foot forward to help contribute positively to solving the contemporary challenges faced by their fellow citizens. Let’s have a brief look at the achievements of the Ramon Magsaysay Award 2022.

Sotheara Chhim, Psychiatrist (Cambodia)

Sotheara Chhim is a 54-year-old Cambodian Psychiatrist, who is helping thousands of traumatised survivors of the Khmer Rouge’s brutal rule. As a child, he was forced to work in Khmer Rouge camps for over three years until 1979. After becoming a psychiatrist, he devoted his life to treating people, especially in rural communities. Currently, he is serving as the executive director of its Transcultural Psychosocial Organisation in 2002foundation.

Tadashi Hattori, Ophthalmologist (Japan)

Japanese OphthalmologistTadashi Hattori has been named a winner of the 64th Ramon Magsaysay Award due to his efforts in training local doctors and eye patients in Vietnam. During a visit to Vietnam’s capital Hanoi, he found an acute lack of eye specialists and Ophthalmologists in the island nation. This is what inspired him to not only work to help eye patients in the country but also to train other local doctors to provide treatment and support in Vietnam. As part of his efforts, Hattori has developed treatment facilities and organisedfun raisers while training experts and donating equipment to local hospitals.

Bernadette Madrid, Pediatrician (Philippines)

Philippines is a country that is plagued by a longstanding problem because of poverty, child labour and trafficking. Looking at the gravity of these challenges, PediatricianBernadette Madrid decided to take on these problems by providing treatment, raising awareness and engaging policy-makers and civic groups. As part of her efforts, she has managed the country’s 1st child protection centre at the Philippine General Hospital in Manila since 1997. The centre has been able to serve more than 27,000 children as of last year.

Gary Bencheghib, Activist & Filmmaker (Indonesia)

Gary Bencheghib is a French filmmaker and an activist who has been working for environmental protection. After relocating to Bali, Indonesia, Gary has made active efforts to strengthen the fight against plastic pollution. The Ecowarrior started a weekly beach cleanup movement with his siblings and friends, which soon transformed into a full-fledged project against marine plastic pollution. He along with his friends have been actively trying to save the Citarum River, one of the most polluted rivers in the world. He along with his brothers made kayaks made of plastic bottles and bamboo to collect trash.

About Ramon Magsaysay Award

Established in 1957, the Ramon Magsaysay Award is regarded as Asia’s greatest honour and distinction. The prestigious awards are named after Ramon Magsaysay, the third president of the Philippines after his death 1957 plane crash. Ramon Magsaysay Awards were commissioned to honour “greatness of spirit in selfless service to the peoples of Asia.” Over the years, the award has received the distinction of being dubbed the Asian Nobel Prize.

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