North Eastern Council launches new training course in Hindi

The North Eastern Council in collaboration with IIM, Shillong has launched a training course in Hindi for the students of 50 professional colleges of North Eastern Region.

The programme on “Implementation of Functional Hindi Course in Professional Colleges of NER” has been initiated with the help of Dr. Kalam Centre of IIM. Secretary, NEC K Moses Chalai inaugurated the course.

A roadmap workshop was organized for identified trainers/teachers who would be engaged in ongoing teaching the Functional Hindi course. The workshop aims in addressing all the concerns, the objective of the course and logistic issues.

Chalai urged the trainers to make the course innovative, practical and beneficial to all the students attending the course and seeking jobs outside NER. “As Hindi is the lingua franca of the country, a person with some practical knowledge of it can easily work in most of the states in the country.

The programme is being run with the help of educational institutions. Though the people of Assam, Arunachal and Tripura are more conversant with the use of Hindi but in other parts of the region people need to catch up when it comes to its use. This is, also, the expression made by Union Home Minister and Chairman, NEC,” he added.

Secretary, NEC urged the organizers of the training course to design the programme in different sections to help all the individuals joining at any stage of the course. Writing skills of a language needed sufficient time while speaking could be grasped in a short time. Learning of Hindi would make the life of NE students easier in other parts of the country, especially in creating environment, he said.

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