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Members of the Liberian Senate on yesterday unanimously voted to confirm Presidential nominees for Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA).

The Liberian Senate announced the confirmation of four Commissioners of the Liberia Telecommunication Authority (LTA) and those confirmed include, Isreal Akinsanya, Edwina C. Zackpah, Osborne K. Diggs Jr, and Zotawon David Tartus all as Commissioners of the Liberian Telecommunication Authority respectively.

One of the LTA confirmed nominees, Isreal Akinsanya

The decision of the Senate Plenary was triggered by a report from the Senate Committee on Post and Telecommunication Chaired by Nimba County Senator Jeremiah K. Koung.

The committee report followed a thorough scrutiny of the credentials of the nominees; they have the requisite qualifications and the experiences to serve the Liberia Telecommunication Authority and thus should be confirm by the Liberian Senate.

The Plenary latest Wednesday, mandated the Senate Committee on Public Works and Rural Development to cite the Minister of Public Works, Ruth Coker-Collins to provide clarity relative to the EAST INTERNATIONAL Company that is contracted to reconstruct and expand the ELWA to RIA Highway.

Liberia’s Public Works Minister Ruth Coker-Collins

Plenary’s decision was triggered by a communication from Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon, expressing disappointment in the Company for lack of requisite credentials, capacity and ability to handle such a contract.

Senator Dillon informed Plenary in his Communication that the quality of work being done on the long corridor of the road from ELWA to RIA is poor and has become more like a “death trap” to commuters plying said route.

Senator in session on Capitol Hill

Senator Dillon told the August body during the Six Day Sitting of the Special Session that such route is causing grave loss to business owners.

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