“Just a disastrous day. No other way to spin it” “Our season is on life support” – Baltimore Orioles fans heartbroken by loss to Toronto Blue Jays, see their playoff chances slipping away

The Baltimore Orioles were unable to win a game in their double header against the Toronto Blue Jays, losing the second game 8-4. The Blue Jays were bolstered by a ridiculous three home run game by slugger Bo Bichette. This was a very important day for the American League Wildcard race, and the Blue Jays came out victorious.

These were wins that the Baltimore Orioles desperately needed to keep their playoff hopes alive. After these losses, the path to the postseason is all the more difficult. Both teams knew the value of these games, and the Blue Jays were simply the better team today, leading them to two wins.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today contextualized the importance of these wins by the Blue Jays on Twitter.

The Toronto #BlueJays with impressive 2-game sweep over the Baltimore #Orioles, padding wild-card lead to 4.5 games.They still have eight remaining games against one another before end of season.

The loss did not sit well with Orioles fans, who have been gaining confidence in recent weeks.

@Orioles Our season is on life support.Conglaturations. Somehow save your dying season tmrw night

It is hard to get worse for an MLB team with playoff hopes than two losses in one day.

@Orioles Just a disastrous day. No other way to spin it. I love the Os. But we needed to win today

These losses have put the Baltimore Orioles in a hole that they do not have much time to dig themselves out of.

@Orioles Not good. They have to win the next 3.

The Toronto Blue Jays deserve a lot of credit for being able to sweep a doubleheader on the road. Especially with the value attached to each game in the playoff hunt. By winning both games, the Toronto Blue Jays gave themselves breathing room that could really pay off later in September.

@Orioles Beaten by a better team with better players. This could be the Os in 2 yrs. We have too many holes. Hayes, Odor, Chirinos. We just don’t hit with risp. Urias usually hits with risp but swung at 2 pitches that might have hit him and grounded out meekly. Thanks Bruce. Took one

@Orioles The only “Chaos Comin’” left is all the “birds” leaving the trees to get a head start on going south for the winter….To quote Ice Cube..”Today was a good day”…SEASON OVER👍👍

After great upset victories this past week, Orioles fans were stunned by this loss.

@Orioles Went from 100 to 0 real quick in the past day & a half

The Orioles have been underdogs for a long time now. This hot streak gave them quite a large following; a following that was disappointed by the losses.

From the Baltimore Orioles’ perspective, these losses were at the worst time and to the worst team.

2 horrifically managed games in a WC run in a must win series. Awesome timing too. 🤡 twitter.com/orioles/status…

It featured two pivotal games in the Wildcard race, and the Toronto Blue Jays came out on top in both.

Toronto Blue Jays victory over the Baltimore Orioles significantly boosts their playoff chances

Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles - Game Two
Toronto Blue Jays v Baltimore Orioles – Game Two

With a month left in the season, the Blue Jays are poised to make the playoffs once again. With talent on the team, such as Vladimir Guerrero Jr., Bo Bichette and George Springer, they are capable of going on a run.

As long as the Blue Jays stay focused over the next month, they should find themselves playing meaningful games in October. If the Orioles hope to surpass them, they will have to go on yet another hot streak filled with upset victories.

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