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Hybrid work is here to stay, with 63 pc of corporates embracing a hybrid work model : Survey

According to a Colliers India report, 63 percent of business organisations are currently using the flexible model, proving that hybrid working is here to stay. To better understand their present and future workplace plans, real estate consultant Colliers polled office space occupiers.

The poll was conducted in May and June 2022 among different occupier segments, and occupants provided roughly 300 responses.

The poll was conducted among small (fewer than 500 employees), mid-sized (between 501 and 5000 people), and big (above 5,000 employees) businesses.

“Three days a week in the office seems to be the most popular mode, furthering business goals and at the same offering work-life balance to employees,” Colliers India said in its report —

Hybrid working: Occupiers’ narrative 2022.

According to the survey, 26% of employees prefer working three days per week, 17% prefer working four days per week, 9% prefer working two days per week, and 11% prefer working one day per week.

Up to 28% of employees want to work from home five days each week, while 9% choose to do so every day.

“Interestingly, about one-third of the occupiers surveyed revealed that their productivity increased by 5-10 per cent with hybrid working. Offices are now evolving into centres of collaboration and innovation, with the wellbeing of employees at the core,” Colliers India CEO Ramesh Nair said.

“A hybrid work style needs to be supported by apt technological intervention to ensure seamless collaboration and communication,” Nair said.

In the next six to 18 months, 38% of the organisations, according to Colliers, expect to expand their portfolios by leasing both conventional and flexible spaces.

“A majority of the businesses implement hybrid working in varying degrees, 35 per cent highlighted that they would like to retain their existing portfolios, while 13 per cent look to consolidate their office spaces,” the consultant said.

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