Guru Madiwaleshwara Math seer found dead, suicide suspected

The pontiff of Guru Madiwaleshwara Math of Neginhal village in Bailhongal taluk in this district, was found dead with police suspecting it to be a case of suicide. Basavsiddhlinga Swamiji was found hanging in his room in the math premises on Monday morning, when one of his assistants had gone to check for the seer, when he did not come out or respond to knocks at the door.

According to police sources, the reason behind the swamiji taking such an extreme step was yet to be known; only investigation will reveal if the death was actually due to suicide but it appears so prima facie.

Bailhongal police are investigating.

The swamiji is said to have spoken to disciples and assistants at the math normally till last night, before going to bed.

According to sources, an alleged death note written by the seer has surfaced in which he has written that he has not committed any mistake; he himself was the reason for his death, and no one should be inquired.

Sources said after allegations of sexual abuse against Chitradurga’s Murugha Math chief pontiff Shivamurthy Murugha Sharanarua conversation between two women had gone viral in which they purportedly discussed that seers of several maths in the state were said to be involved in such activities and had taken the name of the Neginhal math seer among others.

Speaking good things about the swamiji and calling him a fatherly figure to the villagers and disciples, some locals said he was very sensitive and was upset with an alleged audio.

They demanded action against those who spoke about their swamiji without any evidence.

Swamiji had completed his education at Murugha Math, locals said.

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