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FIFA 23 License: One of the great novelties of each FIFA is the new licenses that it enjoys, especially those related to stadiums and leagues. We analyze what are the possible ‘good news for FIFA 23.

Despite being an annual video game, each new FIFA brings us a series of new features related to the technical and visual aspects of the game itself. The highlight is usually related to the average (score) that all the players included in each edition have, and, very especially, the top with the best soccer players on the planet.

The gameplay also has a lot to say, since, although there are never very drastic changes between one edition and the next; the developers of the title do introduce a series of small changes that usually lead to quite important disruptions within each game, which usually force users to greatly change their style of play.

FIFA 23 Licenses: New Leagues and Stadiums

But, beyond the technical and tactical aspects of the matches, licenses are usually one of the aspects with the greatest impact (both from a positive and negative point of view) in each FIFA release; above all, in relation to the new stadiums, clubs, and leagues that appear in a new edition. What news will this FIFA 23 bring us?

FIFA 23 New Leagues

Although there are still several months left until the appearance of the first information about FIFA 23 and the new leagues that can be included as a novelty in the video game, its developer, EA Sportsis already ‘getting to work, designing the new title of one of its star franchises. What can be the new leagues to include in the next FIFA?


One of the great limitations that can be attributed to those responsible for FIFA is that the video game is quite limited when it comes to Italian football. The fact of not being able to enjoy the license of Juventus (which in FIFA is known as “Piedmont Calcio”);

We must add the circumstance that in the EA football franchise there is no Series B; so those who are passionate about Career Mode cannot dream of taking a humble team from the Italian 2nd Division to the Champions League, a demand that may have its importance, above all, in the Italian market. This deprives us of being able to play historic transalpine football, such as the mythical Parma.

Second League (Portuguese 2nd Division)

If we move to our neighboring country, we can see that there are also significant limitations when it comes to football. Although Portuguese football is much more humble than, for example, Italian football, a powerful league like the Portuguese would well deserve space for its Second Division; if we take into account that other leagues of an infinitely smaller nature appear in FIFA, such as the Indian or Saudi league.

1st RFEF (Royal Spanish Football Federation)

And if we focus now on Spain, we must emphasize a possible appearance of the 1st RFEFwhich with the passage of the extinct 2nd B to this new name and organization, has greatly professionalized its teams, Where we can find great historical figures from our country, such as Deportivo de la Coruna, Racing de Santander or Albacete Balompié.

If in the case of English football we can get to participate in Career Mode with teams up to the 4th division, it seems mandatory that the Spanish 3rd Division appears in the next edition of FIFA, that is, the one known as the 1st RFEF.

FIFA 23 New Stadiums

FIFA 23 Licenses: New Leagues and Stadiums

And, in the same way, as with the leagues, another of the great highlights related to the novelties of each new edition are the stadiums, an absolutely key place, since the best games on the planet are played there. What are the stadiums that should appear in FIFA 23?

Camp Nou

The Camp Nou is obviously a great absence when it comes to stadiums in FIFA 22; due to the agreement that FC Barcelona signed a few seasons ago with Konami, the PES developer company. This fact means that in the EA Sports title we cannot play our home games, if we choose Barça at the Camp Nou, although it is true that one of the various FIFA ‘replica’ stadiums bears a lot of resemblance to the Blaugrana Coliseum.

Diego Armando Maradona Stadium

The old San Paolo Stadium, where Napoli plays their home games, does not enjoy a FIFA license either. The Neapolitan Coliseum, which changed its name after the death of Diego Armando Maradona, cannot appear in the EA title, due to the exclusivity agreement with Konami.

Olympic Stadium in Rome

Like its counterpart in Naples, the Roma Olimpico, where AS Roma and SS Lazio play their home games, is not within the range of FIFA temples. The reason is the same as in the case of the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium: exclusivity with Konami.

Juventus Stadium

One of the expected ‘lacks’ of FIFA, is that the EA title does not even have the rights to be able to show the official name of Juve, which has to camouflage in the name that we have previously mentioned, “Piedmont Calcio”. Obviously, the Juventus Stadium does not appear in FIFA 22 either.

Allianz Arena

It was the great absence of FIFA 22, due to the agreement that Bayern Munich signed with Konami for the exclusivity of the rights to its stadium. This is a case similar to that of Barcelona, ​​which, although it appears as a club in the video game, its stadium cannot be shown or mentioned.

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