Actor Maitland Ward reveals reason for shifting to adult film industry from Hollywood

Unapologetically, in Yahoo’s new series, men and women from all walks of life come forward and unabashedly speak of their bold life decisions. They talk about the vibrant, bold, colourful, fearless life they live all because of the sole decision they made sometime in their lives. Maitland Ward, a former American actor, was also a part of the series, and she had a lot to share.

She said that she’s unapologetic about everything in her life currently. Although it is scary to fabricate one’s path, it is crucial to be genuinely happy. During the series, she told Yahoo Life for years; she used to be apologetic about almost everything in her life; however, now, she isn’t.

Maitland Ward’s Hollywood Journey

  • Maitland Ward made her Hollywood debut by playing the character of Jessica in CBS’ opera, The Bold and the Beautiful, in 1994.
  • She was 16 when she landed the first role of her life.
  • In 1998, Maitland Ward joined the cast of Boy Meets The World as Rachel.

Maitland Ward featured in two Hollywood series until the early 2000s. Although her Hollywood career was short, it was pretty enjoyable, as she remarked. She left Hollywood in the mid-2013 to embark on a career in adult film industry. In her forthcoming book, Maitland Ward has chronicled all these, and her book is slated to be published on September 6 this year.

While speaking about her experiences on the TV set, Maitland Ward said that people were always fascinated by her long legs and red hair. She was always seen as an instigator. People would often come and pat her or pinch her back. This might be okay back them, but in today’s time, Ward sees this as something unacceptable.

From Harvey Weinstein To Kevin Spacey: Hollywood’s Walk Of Shame

Hollywood’s Hall Of Shame

In early October, Hollywood was rocked by scandal after reports surfaced that movie mogul Harvey Weinstein had allegedly sexually harassed or assaulted multiple women over decades. The film fraternity went into shock as actresses shared their stories against the film producer and former film executive.

Just days after the Weinstein bomb had dropped, there was another big name joining the list: Kevin Spacey. The ‘House of Cards’ actor was accused by actor Anthony Rapp of molestation. Rapp’s outburst led to more than a dozen people coming forward with their own allegations against Spacey that included attempted rape.

Maitland Ward says that when filming Boy Meets World, she could wear anything she liked. She shared a plot point from the sitcom where her character’s friend shared a compromised photo of hers as a prank. If she had done something like that, then Disney, especially her producers, would have grilled her as they expect her to be a good girl. Although characters like that were acceptable in real life, it was unacceptable.

Maitland Ward said it’s a part of the Hollywood machine to feed people all these lies about ageing. Although Maitland Ward feared ageing in Hollywood because she was made to believe that no one loves seeing older women, fans came to her even when she was old. But she feels that when it comes to fans, it doesn’t work that way.

She said it’s okay for people to take control of their own lives. It’s scary to carve your path, but no one else will do it. Starting is necessary, and it can be anything. She urged people to embrace their truth and live the life they wanted.

How did Maitland Ward change from Hollywood to adult film industry?

Maitland Ward said that her shifting from Hollywood to adult films was not overnight. She made this conscious choice by thinking for a long time. She first started by posting topless nudes of her on social media. It’s all about embracing your truth and who you want to be.

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