5 Things You Can Expect at a Strip Club in LA

The idea of a strip club has undoubtedly changed over the years. Generations ago, they were called Gentlemen’s Clubs, and you would only find a few of them around. Maybe in the big cities and always in places like Las Vegas. Other than that, most states banned the idea of women stripping for entertainment and money. Attitudes have changed over the years, and now there are thousands upon thousands of strip clubs around, in many more locations than Vegas. So many people like to frequent LA’s strip club scene. Here are some things you can expect if you go to Los Angeles’s strip clubs.

1. The Quality of the Strippers

Sadly, LA doesn’t have the same quality of strippers that you will find in a place like Las Vegas. This is because the bulk of Las Vegas strippers is either former showgirls or girls who want to be showgirls at big Vegas casinos. The beauty standards are vastly different than in LA, where every girl trying to pay her way through college or who failed as an actress ends up stripping. That is not meant to in any way denigrate the strippers of LA; it is merely pointing out that the quality of strippers in LA is a lot lower compared to the quality standards in Vegas. So, be prepared for that.

2. It’s More Expensive Than You Realize

Something else to expect in an LA strip club is that you’ll need a lot of money to have a good time. While it’s true that you can get away with sitting and watching the girls with a handful of $1 bills, the fact is that you’re likely going to want to drink and have a good time. In an LA club, drinks run you at a premium price, and you might even have to purchase a minimum of drinks to even sit inside of some of the better clubs in the heart of the city. They’re not going to let you sit there like a peeping Tom. So many will enforce rules and make you buy drinks, which can run you a big tab if you need to be more careful. Just be aware of that fact.

3. There’s a Large Variety

There’s also a huge variety of clubs in LA, and they’re all different. In total, there are 78 strip clubs strewn throughout the county, and the quality of these clubs differs based on location. So, for instance, the closer you get to Hollywood, and the Sunset Strip, the more upscale the clubs will be. So the farther you get away, the more low-rent these clubs will be. This is something to keep in mind so that you’re aware that just going into some dive bar or a club will offer a different experience than an upscale club in the city.

4. Not Every Stripper is Female

There are all sorts of different ways you can have a lot of fun at any strip club, but you definitely want to go to the kind of club that’s up your alley, so to speak. In LA, you will find many different drag queens and transgender performers. If that’s your thing, then have a great, responsible time at the club of your choice! If that isn’t your thing, it can be a little jarring to think you’re going to see the ladies strip for you, and it ends up being a drag queen. So you want to keep this in mind when bouncing around clubs in LA. Check to make sure the performers in the club are your particular cup of tea.

5.The Clubs Can Get Rowdy

LA clubs can also get very rowdy. They’re typically packed with bouncers to break up different fights that start. This is only the case with some of LA’s clubs, but it’s certainly the case with a lot of the less popular, hole-in-the-wall joints you can visit. So again, this is something you want to keep an eye out for in LA.

You can find quality strip clubs in LA if you really look. These clubs are nothing compared to the upscale clubs in Vegas, but LA does have its fair share of high-end clubs. Just be sure you know what to expect before visiting.


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