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25 lakh households get zero electricity bills: Punjab Power minister Harbhajan Singh

The AAP government in Punjab has fulfilled its promise of providing 300 units of free electricity per month and as such 25 lakh domestic consumers have received zero bills, state Power Minister Harbhajan Singh said Saturday.

In a statement, he claimed this was the first time a government is fulfilling its election promises in the initial year itself. Otherwise, previous governments have been fulfilling election promises only in the last year of their tenure, Singh claimed.

The minister said of the total 72 lakh domestic consumers, bills were sent to 42 lakh out of which, 25 lakh have received zero electricity bills, he stated.

The bills are for the July-August bi-monthly billing cycle.

The power minister also said that due to the two-month billing circle with the waiver, consumers are getting 600 units of free electricity, which is more than the requirement of every normal household.


Before the 2022 Punjab assembly polls, the Aam Aadmi Party had promised 300 units of free electricity per month for each household.

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